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I’ve many years of gardening experience, in my own time at first, following in my Grandad's footsteps. Then 9 years working for various landscaping and arboculturalist companies before going self employed just over 5 years ago. Read more...

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Preparing your lawn for Spring

Spring is almost on our doorstep! And that means if you haven't already, the grass may be in need of its first trim. The first cut of the year doesn't have to be much, it's recommended you take no more than a third off the length. This can be a little tricky with uneven gardens, but a cut none-the-less will boost your grass into life.

For the lazy gardeners out there leave it as long as possible before the first cut so as not to encourage new growth. Or why not try leaving an area of long grass? If you cut a border around the long grass, or even a path or two through it, it still looks well managed and can fit into a well manicured garden. Manage My Garden signing out....


Starting off your tomatoes, peppers and chillies

tomato plant

Start to sow your tomatoes, peppers and chillies now to get a head start, an earlier crop and hopefully a longer cropping period. Also rake the thatch and moss from your lawn, and aerate any compacted areas ready for the spring.


Going native


natural den

Pursuing native plants when gardening will only help to encourage the native species which seem to be fast disappearing. This is not to say that gardens can't be without exotic or colourful foreign friends, but incorporating a mix will help to enhance the garden and be of benefit to the overall well-being of our surroundings.

Building a willow den for example could help to manage boggy areas while at the same time providing kids with a place to play. It doesn't have to be a den. Sculptures of all sorts can be designed and not just with willow. Hazel is another tree well suited to simple propagation - and will provide you with nuts if the squirrels don't get there first!


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